Welcome to the Little  esars healthcare product enrollment page. We are glad to be able to provide you the following healthcare package for you and your family members.

As part of this process you will need to complete the Sedera Online Enrollment that will take you directly to their website for the signature pages. This is a requirement of the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing program. We will transfer you directly to their Esign website once you confirm your information.

As you go through these next few pages; you will have an opportunity to add spouse and your dependents to this program. Please note any changes will affect the amount that is charged for these additional persons.

Once you complete the enrollment; your ID cards will be sent to your Health Wallet App or email / home address.

Be sure to click the SEDERA PLUS link so you may see the amazing features of their Medical Cost Sharing program.

We are excited to offer these products for our employees at a discounted cost.

Little  esars


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